Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Monthly service rates will be determined at the initial service inspection, and will be agreed upon with the client prior to the accept these terms and conditions.The services we provide depend on several factors such as:

• The size of the pool

• Age and condition of the components

• If the pool is located outdoors or inside

• If the pool is surrounded by trees, shrubs and vegetation

• Access to the pool

• The location of the pool


Everything is done for the safety of their pets, but can not guarantee the care of your pet while we are making our services. Pulpito's Pool Service is not responsible if your pet escapes during the service call. Furthermore, it will service your pool if we are being "monitored" by an unfriendly dog that is near our technicians. We ask for your understanding and cooperation regarding the conditions of domestic animals.


The services are for a minimum of 48 days per year for cleaning. If your service day falls on a holiday that will make every effort to operate another service day that same week, however not always possible. Also, some weather conditions or vehicle or equipment circumstances beyond our control may also cause a failure of service day periodically throughout the year.

SERVICES TO BE PERFORMED (During each visit to the pool are outlined below when Weather permitting)*

  • Backwash filter system when needed
  • Clean tile in pool each visit
  • Clean strainer basket when needed
  • Test water for chlorine and pH each visit
  • Treat pool with chlorine and acid as necessary
  • Complete water analysis
  • Skim water analysis
  • Vacuum and Brush pool walls and floor each visit
  • The Company furnishes all materials necessary for the above operations

*If the service falls on a rainy day: Chemicals will be added and pool will be cleaned on the next service visit.


1- call per week - call will be done the day before or the day after the holiday

2 - or more calls per week - chemicals will be left for owner to add; pool will be cleaned the next regular service visit.

3 - When vacations time is taken, client will be notified in advance of the postponement of service, and arrangements can be made for interim service as needed

There will be no credits issued for service visits not made. If you feel that a call was missed for reasons other than those stated above, please contact the Company within 24 hours, and an arrangement will be made ensure your satisfaction with this service.


  • Annual conditioning charge
  • Filter soaking and cleaning
  • Any algaecides and cleaning
  • Any necessary repairs


  1. Maintain water level
  2. Add any chemicals left by service technician on day indicated
  3. Keep tress plants trimmed away from pool area
  4. Payments are net 15 upon receiving invoice
  5. Keep pool/ spa equipment in good repair using your Coolest Pool Service


Payments for repairs shall be made upon completion of repair. Repairs under $50.00 will be done without prior notification, and alll old parts will be left on the job site form inspection. These charges will be added to the next monthly bill. All other repair work will require prior authorization from the customer.

This agreement may be cancelled at any time by written notice by either party 7 days prior to the date service is to be discontinued.

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